Bryce Hanson




Project Template Notebook

This notebook contains many useful templates to use throughout the life of a project. This is a portion of the notebook that I completed for my Project Management Class at Willamette University.

Word Version

PDF Version

Gluten Free Bakery Business Plan

This business plan won the 2010 New Venture competition at Willamette University. One of my team members has since gone on to start the business. Check them out at


Business Plan


P&A Metal Fab Strategic Alignment Handbook

As part of my internship at P&A, I provided a handbook for them to implement the alignment process found in The Execution Premium by Kaplan and Norton. Also below is my internship summary document that includes all of the other deliverables that I produced during my time at P&A.

Strategy Alignment Handbook.docx

Internship Summary Paper.docx

New Product Development / Design Thinking

From brainstorming to prototyping to testing, I learned the best practices for developing a new product. I had a lot of fun on this project, and I think we came up with a toy any boy would want.

Design Final Paper.docx

Integrated Marketing Plan for Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division

We were given a limited budget and competed against others in our class to develop the best IMC campaign for the Sunshine Division. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but I learned a lot in the process.

IMC Final Project Paper.doc